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Full Product Catalogs

WE has access to all the industry leading suppliers, you can find their full product catalogs on this page.

Superior Glove Works

Proudly Canadian Since 1910.

Superior Glove® is one of North America’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of work gloves. A respected source for thousands of customers, Superior Glove® has been in the business since 1910. With four manufacturing facilities, we are able to serve customers globally.


Remco Products

Remco Products supplies quality color-coded tools for environments where hygiene and efficiency are essential.

Remco provides material handling and cleaning supplies that are used in food processing sanitation programs and industrial cleaning applications where hygiene and safety are critical. Color-coded tools are designed with food safety in mind.These tools meet all of the regulatory requirements of FSMA and HACCP.

Big K Clothing Ltd.

The North American leader in safety clothing since 1971

Big K Brand Clothing Ltd is fully compliant with all recognized and regulated safety standards governing safety garments. When you choose Big K Brand, you can be confident that every measure has been taken to ensure that the safety garments that protect you are the best they can be. Big K Brand garments utilize the toughest and most applicable fabrics from nylon to Kevlar.


Helly Hansen Workwear

Helly Hansen is where professional grade meets progressive design.

130 years ago captain Helly Juell Hansen started to produce waterproof clothing for sailors. Since then Helly Hansen has been a pioneer in the development of high quality protective technical wear for work and leisure activities. Our experience and competence allow us to create and produce clothing to be worn in extreme work situations, where quality and functionality directly affect the wearer’s well-being, health and safety.

Bob Dale Gloves

Bob Dale Gloves is well known in the industry for its consistent quality and service.

BDG provides functional and stylish products engineered for the industrial and retail markets with popular brands such as BDG®, Gander Brand®, Ninja® (Canada) and Les Stroud™. Bob Dale Gloves continues in business with the values, traditions and principles it was founded on. They are certified in ISO 9001



RONCO is a world-class manufacturer of personal protective equipment (PPE).

RONCO Hand, Head and Body Solutions are designed to minimize risk for workers and maintain a safe and healthy occupational environment for our end-users in food, healthcare or industrial sectors. The RONCO brand is your guarantee of quality in the workplace. RONCO is dedicated to a culture of growth and innovation to meet the needs of our customers and their target industries.

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