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TenActiv™ gloves feature a full nitrile coating, for complete protection from oils, fuels, and certain organic solvents and the added benefit of water resistance. Nitrile rubber is a co-polymer of acrylonitrile and butadiene, offering excellent resistance to punctures, cuts, snags, and abrasion, and although not flame-resistant, demonstrates functional performance in temperatures ranging from -4 -149°C (25-300°F).

These cut-resistant gloves are part of Superior Glove’s bestselling product line: the TenActiv™ Series, featuring gloves knit with high-tenacity composite yarns that are designed to meet a range of applications, all at a great price.

Gloves are made from TenActiv™ yarn, which is a high performance filament that is lint-free and stronger than steel on an equal weight basis.

The full winter-fleece lining cushions hands while keeping them warm and dry. Velcro® closure allow for easy donning, extra cushioning at the wrist all while keeping out debris. Snug knit wrist keeps gloves in place, and blue nitrile coating makes gloves fully oil resistant.

Also available in an unlined version (#STAGFCFNV).

TenActiv™ Fully Nitrile-Coated Cut-Resistant Glove

  • ASTM ANSI Cut Level A3 
    1000 - 1499 grams to cut
    Light/medium cut hazards: material handling, small parts assembly with sharp edges, packaging, warehouse, general purpose, forestry, construction, pulp & paper, automotive assembly.

    ASTM ANSI Puncture Resistance Level 4 
    Offers high protection against punctures.

    • Construction
    • Fisheries
    • Cold Storage
    • Food Processing
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