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What Customer Services Means to Us!

Pacific Agricultural Show 2017

Written on the whiteboard in my office is the question "Why do customers buy from us?". Of course this is a very complex question that can really only be answered by you our customers.

That being said i believe that part of it has to do with the level of customer service we strive for here at Wood Enterprises. It is displayed on all of our personal literature and logos, through the slogan "WE work for you!".

Being a Mom and Pop shop allows us the opportunity to provide every customer with the personal connection that corporations can't.

It is our mission to not only work in but also support our local marketplaces. Whether it be by showing our encouragement at trade shows, or picking up your products at supermarkets.

We are still hard at work finding our niche in the market place, but one thing we do know is that our customer service standards will never change.

Customer service is of the utmost importance to us while fulfilling all your personal protection and plant maintenance needs.

Safety Adds Value

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