Looking for a chemical-resistant glove that’s extremely dexterous and comfortable to wear? You’ve come to the right place.

When high-performing polyvinyl chloride (or PVC for short) is paired with an oil-resistant nitrile palm coating, the result is an exceptional, chemical-resistant work glove. Since PVC resists many different types of chemicals, oils, greases, caustics, and solvents, these 12” (30 cm) long green Chemstop™ PVC gloves are a fantastic choice for applications where chemical hazards are a concern. The nitrile palm coating is also advantageous since it provides reliable protection from punctures, snags, and abrasion. Additionally, since it displaces oil on slippery surfaces, nitrile also offers good resistance to oils, fuels, and certain organic solvents – meaning that it’ll give you a fantastic grip in both wet and dry conditions. Since these gloves are only coated with nitrile in the palm areas, these gloves will provide you with the protection you need while still maintaining their impressive flexibility. The rough palm finish on the nitrile also helps to strengthen your grip. As an added bonus, the palm areas also provide ANSI level 2 puncture resistance, making these gloves a fantastic choice for puncture hazards.

These gloves are dipped on a special, ergonomically-shaped hand form so that you won’t experience hand fatigue while wearing them.

The extended gauntlet cuffs also provide additional forearm coverage. This style is also available in a slightly heavier, fully-dipped version with a breathable, moisture-wicking 15-gauge cotton liner (#S15CV30N).

Chemstop™ Extreme Comfort PVC Gloves with Full Nitrile Coating and 18-Gauge Cott

Option 1
  • ASTM ANSI Puncture Resistance Level 2 
    Offers low protection against punctures.

    • Assembly
    • Automotive
    • Chemical Handling
    • Chemical Processing
    • Fishing
    • General Purpose
    • Mining
    • Petrochemicals

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