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Chemstop™ premium quality PVC coated gloves are a great choice for situations needing good grip in wet or oily conditions. Double-dipped PVC for excellent durability, abrasion and chemical resistance, the outer coat is rough-finished for superior grip. The two-piece, sanitized, fleeced jersey liner functions two ways; first, it absorbs sweat, keeping hands dry and comfortable. Second, it has an anti-bacterial treatment, giving the gloves additional protection from odors.

Chemstop™ Premium 12" Green PVC Glove

  • ASTM ANSI Puncture Resistance Level 2 
    Offers low protection against punctures.

    • Chemical Industry
    • Commercial fishing
    • Petrochemical industry
    • Suitable for handling oils, acids, caustics and organic solvents
    • Mining or oil-related industries, such as fuel delivery
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