The special neoprene latex dip incorporates the best qualities of each glove dipping compound into this glove. The neoprene overdip on the palm work area adds chemical resistance to many acids, alkalies, oils and solvents. The natural rubber latex layer gives this glove its excellent flexibility and comfort. Heavyweight 30 mm thickness. Flock lined to absorb perspiration and for easy on and off. CFIA Approved for food handling.


This item is solvent resistant (methanol).

This item also has resistance to these acids;

  • Nitric Acid: resistance up to concentration of 10%.
  • Hydrochloric Acid: resistance up to concentration of 36%.
  • Sulphuric Acid: resistance up to concentration of 50%.

Chemstop™ Unsupported Neoprene Over Latex Chemical Resistant Gloves

Option 1
    • Car/Automotive
    • Maintenance
    • Food Handling
    • Chemical Processing
    • Degreasing

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