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SilaChlor® combination gloves protect against thermal burn by incorporating a revolutionary new material that is both economical and highly heat resistant. Sandwiched between a heavyweight poly/cotton knit shell and a palm layer of split leather, the SilaChlor® layer provides great insulation value without having to give up dexterity. The leather palms wrap around the index finger and thumb, with an additional piece of leather on the thumb crotch to increase wear for gloves last longer. Comfortable, durable protection against heat and abrasion, with excellent value.

“My customer S & C Electric had a hand protection issue with finding the right gloves to reduce the amount of gloves being used in their extrusion department to protect their employees. They were using up to 3 pairs of gloves just to keep from feeling the heat from their ovens.

[The Superior Glove rep] came out to meeting with our customer and suggested they try the SilaChlor Gloves - best thing to ever happen. The customer loves those gloves and have continued placing nice orders ever since. Love those gloves.”
Art J., Sales Representative, Ani Safety

Cool Grip® Heat-Resistant String-Knit Glove made with SilaChlor®

  • ASTM ANSI Puncture Resistance Level 4 
    Offers high protection against punctures.

    ASTM ANSI Heat Level 4 
    Moderate heat protection up to 500° F (260° C).

    • Metal Fabrication
    • Foundries
    • Glass Plants
    • Steel Mills
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