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Composite yarns are cutting edge when it comes to hand protection, and our Emerald CX® gloves are no exception. Knit with an engineered blend of 13-gauge Kevlar® and Wire-Core™ steel, they are rated ANSI level A4/CE level 5 for cut protection, and also provide outstanding comfort and dexterity.

The micropore nitrile coating utilizes the latest developments in “micropore” technology by infusing the nitrile coating with millions of tiny pores. In simple terms, these pores displace oils and liquids when pressed against smooth surfaces, and create a kind of suction that strengthens your grip. Since the oil can’t saturate, thanks to this feature, your hands will remain dry. As an added bonus, this style also provides ANSI level 3 puncture resistance for excellent protection against moderate puncture hazards, as well as impressive ANSI level 4 abrasion resistance.

Compared with our heavyweight leather gloves that cut at less than 150 grams of cut force, Emerald CX® gloves provide over ten times the amount of cut protection, with 2119 grams of cut force. Emerald CX® is where value meets performance: you’d expect to pay a lot more for a glove offering this much. Additionally, these gloves were designed with silicone-free materials to eliminate risk of contamination of any paintline parts, and are also touchscreen-compatible.

Kevlar® is a registered trademark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.

5 STARS - " they offer a sturdy grip and protection from sharp objects. this glove does everything I need, does not take too much away from the tactile experience and my hands come out without accidental cuts and scrapes as well as heat protection when applying friction polish." - Brian Wilson, Maryland

Emerald CX® Kevlar® Composite Knit Gloves with Micropore Nitrile Palms

  • ASTM ANSI Cut Level A4 
    1500 - 2199 grams to cut
    Medium cut hazards: appliance manufacturing, bottle and light glass handling, canning, dry walling, electrical, carpet installation, HVAC, pulp and paper, automotive assembly, metal fabrication, metal handling, packaging, warehouse, aerospace industry, food prep/processing.

    ASTM ANSI Puncture Resistance Level 3 
    Offers medium protection against punctures.

    • Handling Sharp, Oily Metal Parts
    • Circuit Boards
    • Automotive
    • Metal Fabrication
    • Assembly
    • Sheet Metal Work
    • Metal Stamping
    • Small Parts Handling
    • Glass Manufacturing
    • Window Manufacturing
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