This glove from our Emerald CX® series features a flat, grade-A split palm for rugged durability, good dexterity, and a dramatic increase in abrasion resistance for longer glove life. Palms are sewn in place securely with Superthread™ for unparalleled seam integrity and endurance. Superthread™ is an engineered thread that delivers unbeatable abrasion resistance, using a unique spinning process to blend three high-performance materials. Superthread™ combats wear-through from abrasion like no other thread on the market to prevent one of the biggest causes of glove failure: seam wear through. String-knit glove body is our own Kevlar®-stainless-steel composite yarn blended with polyester. These gloves are ideal for moderate cut applications such as handling metal stampings, glass or other sharp materials. Strapped thumbs for increased durability.

Emerald CX® Kevlar® Composite-knit Gloves with Split-Leather Palms

  • ASTM ANSI Cut Level A4 
    1500 - 2199 grams to cut
    Medium cut hazards: appliance manufacturing, bottle and light glass handling, canning, dry walling, electrical, carpet installation, HVAC, pulp and paper, automotive assembly, metal fabrication, metal handling, packaging, warehouse, aerospace industry, food prep/processing.

    ASTM ANSI Puncture Resistance Level 5 
    Offers very high protection against punctures.

    • Sheet Metal
    • Metal Stamping and Fabrication
    • Glass Handling