Goatskin is often referred to as nature’s strongest leather. It has very high tensile strength and abrasion-resistant properties, yet is lightweight with excellent softness. Because of this high strength-to-weight ratio, our Endura® Goatskin gloves are much tougher and more durable than their suppleness leads you to think. Keystone thumb provides extra durability. Great for handling building materials, assembly work, farming, municipal work, utilities and metal fabrication.

The high-viz orange fingertips elevate the level of safety built into these gloves. Increased visibility means diminished risk for injury, particularly in work environments requiring teamwork with hoists, cranes and heavy equipment. Put the safety of your hands in ours – we’ve thought of it all.

Endura® Goatgrain Glove with Hi-Viz Fingertips

    • General Material Handling
    • General Maintenance
    • Construction
    • Agriculture