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This heavy-duty steel-stitched glove features levels of cut and abrasion resistance that are literally off the charts, at a price you won’t believe. In fact, comparable hand protection in the past doesn’t hold a candle to these gloves when it comes to both price and performance.

Designed for heavy applications, specifically foundry work, 500 strategically placed heavy-gauge steel staples cover the back of hand to the tip of the four fingers and along the back side of the thumb. Designed for “Grinding” applications where back of the hand is most needed for hazard cut protection – and a double anti-vibe palm offers reduced hand fatigue. This rugged durability makes for an incredibly long-lasting glove, since the staples protect in the most critical wear areas of the glove. The split-leather glove body is out-seam sewn, with seams moved away from inside the fingers, toward the back, for excellent comfort and longer seam life. All seams are double stitched.

This glove is also lined with neoprene on the palm and fingers, accompanied by a fleece liner of the inside back portion of the gloves - adding additional comfort and protection in this high stress area.

Endura® Heavy-Duty Back-of-Hand Steel-Stitched

  • ASTM ANSI Cut Level A5 
    2200 - 2999 grams to cut
    Medium/heavy cut hazards: appliance manufacturing, bottle and light glass handling, canning, steel framing / studding, electrical, carpet installation, HVAC, pulp and paper, automotive assembly, metal fabrication, metal handling, packaging, aerospace industry, food prep/processing.

    • Foundry
    • Construction
    • Material Handling
    • Forestry/Lumber Mills
    • Cable Handling
    • Metal Fabrication
    • Auto and Metal Recycling
    • Plumbing (electric eel handling)
    • Grinding
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