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With its lightweight tie-back design and smooth finish, the RONCO CARE™ PEA2 is an economical disposable choice where protective apparel changes are frequent. These single-use aprons are made from polyethylene, ideal barrier protection for food processing, food service and other hygienic applications. They are CFIA accepted for use in direct food contact and are available in three colours for department coding in HACCP compliant environments. 

  • Available in an array of colours for HACCP compliance
  • Compliant for contact with food
  • Economical Choice
  • Fluid resistant
  • One size fits all

Ronco Care 0.75 mil Polyethylene Apron

SKU: RO165
    • Bakery
    • Beauty / Cosmetology
    • Dental / Hygienics
    • Food Preparation
    • Food & Beverage Processing
    • Food Service
    • Funeral Services
    • Janitorial / Sanitation
    • Laboratory / Clinical
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