These gloves are knit with high-tenacity composite yarns that are designed to meet a range of applications, and at a great price. A variety of composite-knit yarns goes into this blend, some featuring high-strength composite filament fiber for unbeatable cut resistance and dexterity. The composite filament fiber is incorporated in a way that it cannot come through to the hand for total comfort and extended glove life. All TenActiv™ gloves feature lint-free, continuous filament yarn that is stronger than steel on an equal-weight basis.

An 18-gauge knit means unsurpassed dexterity – this is like true bare-hand feel with ANSI cut-level A3 protection. This groundbreaking design with advanced capabilities is the result of many years’ worth of investment into research and development.

The foam nitrile palm coating has been perfected to provide smooth, flexible maneuverability, and also increases your grip in oil by displacing it on surfaces. Nitrile withstands oils and solvents, making this style ideal for workers handling sharp, oily glass or metal. Don’t let the bare hand feel fool you, this is a serious piece of glove engineering with stellar performance numbers.

The TenActiv™ glove shell on the S18TGFN is Factored™, meaning it has been treated to enhance the adhesion of the nitrile coating to it. The result is no delamination of the coating from the shell, even after long wear or washing.

Made with THT® True Hand Technology® with a dropped baby finger to naturally fit curves of the hand, improving fit, dexterity and comfort.

To limit the risk of allergic reactions, all of our Canadian-made gloves are now crafted with latex-free materials.

These gloves are also touch screen compatible.

The only other thing we can say is “you’re welcome.”

“The gloves seemed to help the operator maintain dexterity while providing protection from contaminants. Residual chemicals on the exterior of waste drums were prevalent, and the sample provided more than adequate protection for the conditions that existed.” –Michelle M., Environmental Engineer of Integrated Mission Support Service for NASA (John F. Kennedy Space Center in FL)

TenActiv™ 18-Gauge Cut-Resistant Glove

Option 1
  • ASTM ANSI Cut Level A3 
    1000 - 1499 grams to cut
    Light/medium cut hazards: material handling, small parts assembly with sharp edges, packaging, warehouse, general purpose, forestry, construction, pulp & paper, automotive assembly.

    • Handling Sharp Objects
    • Glass Plants
    • Construction
    • Automotive Industry
    • Aerospace Industry
    • Metal Fabrication
    • Metal Stamping

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