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This UST short handled hand brush with angled Bristle Security Units is effective when cleaning conveyor belts, production lines, machinery, and food preparation surfaces in high risk areas. The angled and circular arrangement of the Bristle Security Units ensures efficient cleaning.

Vikan Green UST Short Handle Brush - Stiff

SKU: RE4179-2
Color:: Green
    • Base Code:  4179
    • Color:  Green
    • Length:  10.00 in.
    • Width:  2.875 in.
    • Height:  2.75 in.
    • Weight:  0.36 lbs.
    • Block Material:  Polypropylene
    • Bristle Material:  Polyester
    • Bristle Stiffness Stiff
    • FDA Compliant Material:  Yes
    • Brand:  Vikan
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