The soft bristles on this brush make it useful to clean areas like small tanks and containers. It is often used to clean mixers for blending ingredient, and fits well into meat mincer barrels. Requires a European-thread handle, and may be attached to any length handle to fit the user’s need.

Vikan Yellow Turks Head Brush - Soft

SKU: RE7035-6
    • Base Code:  7035
    • Color:  Yellow
    • Length:  4.40 in.
    • Width:  5.25 in.
    • Height:  5.25 in.
    • Weight:  0.65 lbs.
    • Block Material:  Polypropylene
    • Bristle Material:  Polyester
    • Bristle Stiffness Medium
    • Bristle Length 1.65 in.
    • Material:  Stainless Steel
    • FDA Compliant Material:  Yes
    • Working Temp:  -22° F/-30° C to 176° F/80° C
    • Autoclavable To: 250° F/121° C
    • Brand:  Vikan